About Me

A Carolina girl with a heart set in Pittsburgh, currently living in NYC. I am Becca Ross and I decided to move to Milan on a whim to pursue a masters degree in Brand Communication and Management from the Milano Fashion Institute.

I am passionate about fashion, sports and entertainment media alike. I used to dream to work in a corporate setting for a fashion company after graduating with my masters degree. Now I am.

In college, at Western Carolina University, I was able to get my degree in communications that took me to live in Pittsburgh, PA. After attempts to work in the sports world I think I found another calling.

During my college career I found a passion for sales and fashion merchandising at Michael Kors when I was a part time sales associate. Post graduating I started to work for Michael Kors full time and I decided to look into a career in fashion. That took me abroad to Italy for the year of 2020. Yes, that very scary year of the pandemic.

I finally retuned to the USA after 18 months abroad stuck in Milan, Italy during COVID-19 and landed my foot in the door in the Michael Kors Corporate HQ!

Thats a bit about me, explore my page and find out more.