Not a “Cleat Chaser”: Just Love the Game


Sunsetting on Charlotte, NC baseball field By: Rebecca Ross

With baseball season about to be underway at universities and spring training just around the corner for the MLB as well, its time to break out the ball caps and jerseys for our favorite teams. Because seriously, who doesn’t love going to the ball field and sitting in the sun for a few hours to watch a great sport. This girl sure does.

However, there is a stigma sitting on girl’s heads that do love this activity and that is being called a cleat chaser.

Cleat Chaser; noun, a promiscuous woman who follows athletes on the college level, in the hopes of having relations with one of them. (

It is common to be called this term as a girl if you are not dating or talking to someone on the team or opposing team.

My one question is how did people come up with this term and why can’t someone go watch a sporting event just for fun or for the fact they love the game?

A personal testimony for my own defense…I fell in love with this sport when I was in 8th grade and have not turned back since. My dad and I are very passionate about Pittsburgh sports and the entire city has to offer. I went to my first football training camp this year and that night my dad took me to a Pittsburgh Pirates game, sparking the never-ending love.

As a freshman in high school I became friends with my now best friend and went to every baseball game to support my school and him who turned out to be a pitcher and I had no clue until the season came about.


Kollin Schrenk, Ardrey Kell High School pitcher By: Rebecca Ross

I have been to most every game for my high school, and when he transferred to a different high school I went to those too.

Now college is here and I have no connections to this team at all except the fact that I still have a passion for the game and I want to spend my afternoons sitting in the stands cheering on my team and watching the great American game.

So just because a select few have the motif of a cleat chaser, we should not label all single spectators under this stereotype.


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