Chapter 1: Welcome to Ocean Springs

Hello everyone and welcome to my page! I have had this website since my broadcasting professor made us make it a few years ago…but I never really have never kept up with it. Thats about to change ( I hope ). On this blog, I’ll be documenting just about everything I am doing with my internship for myself and others to see what kind of work I am doing. If I start to slack, don’t be afraid to call me out on it…just know that I am balancing a full time job, internship and online classes as well as trying to have a semi-fun summer. I am so excited for this journey and fun summer that has already changed my mood and spirits after only being here 6 days.

Nine hours in a car with my mom was quite the experience.

So if you don’t know, I packed all of my clothes and 80 pairs of shoes last week and got in a car to move to Mississippi for the summer. I accepted a sports internship at WXXV25 in Gulfport, Mississippi back in April and decided out of 3 offers that this one would be the best fit for my career and personality. This place is like home in many ways, so I had no issues at all dropping everything in NC to come to the deep south.

My mother and I took off on Tuesday May 23 and got here on May 24 and as soon as I got back I immediately knew I made the right decision. Catching up with old friends, family, and realizing that I remembered a lot more from my younger age here that I thought was pretty cool. Southern hospitality is a real thing y’all and its the best in Mississippi.

I made friends instantly and now I can’t figure out why I haven’t done this sooner.

After being in town for basically 3 days I had already done more than I thought I would do all summer and thats without even starting my internship yet. I was invited to a birthday party for a girl I did not know, made 3 new friends, had an awesome night out where I met another group of people and was invited to a wedding shower/crawfish boil and had an awesome weekend with my new family here.

I was invited to a wedding shower for a couple I had only met the night before.

May 30 my internship started and I was SCARED. I came down a month ago and was put to ease about a few things, but then the first day came and I was panicking. Mostly because I do not have set hours and had no idea what time I was supposed to go into the studio to work. However, all my nerves were put to ease again when I got there and met my supervisor and he said “we’re going to a baseball game”. That was like music to my ears. So we packed up the car, camera and media badges and went into Biloxi for the Shuckers game. We did get rained on a little bit, but standing in the dugout filming highlight pieces and being at a baseball game for the first time in a month was awesome. We only stayed for a few inning before having to leave to go back to the studio to edit it all and get the 9:00 news stories ready. Once back in the studio editing on a software that I am very familiar with was a breeze. 

Reporting at the Shuckers game

My next day will be on Thursday June 1 and I’ll get a better feel for everything going on with more of a schedule, but so far, I love this place and I may be speaking to soon, but I don’t want to go back to NC…

Thanks for coming on this journey with me!



One comment

  1. The blog of your internship is getting off to a great start.
    You have worked hard for this opportunity and it’s right here were your mother, Susan, grow up.
    Small world. Mississippi is know for their hospitality.
    Great daily adventures ahead.


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