Chapter 2: Who said to move here?

Well the answer is me.

I chose to move to the Gulf Coast right as soon as hurricane season was starting and when it rains every. single. day. Me being the person that I am always wanting to do something does not like this everyday forecast because its a really big debby downer.

Back onto a grind of things, I went to my second day of work and it did not start like I had hoped. I made a schedule to come in during the week at 3:00 pm every day and leave after the final news cast was done…well I was quickly enlightened on how the news world works when my supervisor told me as I was pulling in to the station that he wasn’t going to be there right away. I started to panic and had a 30 minute phone call with my mom who talked me off the ledge of coming home right away.

Its a pretty nice facility. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when its not cloudy.

Fast forward to later, when I was again calmed by getting into the station and loading up the car to go to the baseball game in Biloxi. It was a doubleheader this time so we got to stay longer and shoot some more highlight reals. My supervisor, Jeff, pulled out a camera I had NO idea how to work and I panicked (of course). After two semesters with James Machado and learning how to use an NX5 like the back of my hand…its hard adjusting to something different. But thats life.

This camera was not easy to use…but i have finally learned something new.

We also had the marketing team send a script saying they needed a promo shot at the game for a commercial that was going to air on TV for a few weeks and I was like “oh heck yeah let do it” whereas Jeff was not as thrilled. We did it anyways. Battling this rain, wind coming off the gulf, and noise from the game was quite fun but I am currently editing the final cut and will let y’all know how it goes later.

7:30 back in the studio and now we have to edit the footage from the games and get ready for the hour show at 9:00 on Fox and the 30 minute show on NBC.

I am off tomorrow (thats why I am publishing this now) and will give another update (hopefully) the middle or end of next week.


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