Chapter 5: Sorry I’m Late-Life Happens

Hello my awesome people. Sorry, life has gotten to me and i have been behind. So let me catch you up on two weeks worth of stuff in a short enough blog that you will actually want to read.

So I did get to miss the tropical storm that rolled through here when I was back in North Carolina for the pageant…but the first week back was nothing short of what I was used too. Except the fact that I had to deal with tornadoes and severe weather like flash floods within the first day back. (yay)

So I went out on the Tuesday to help Taylor with the inauguration of the mayor we covered getting elected in Moss Point a few weeks ago. We got to chat with him on a live shot for the 5:30 show and stayed for the whole inauguration which I thought was kind of cool.

In high school I took this SAT Prep class with Mr. Lykes. I thought it was the most pointless class I had ever taken. However, in this class, we had to memorize speeches from people all over. I can’t remember them all, but one of my favorites was Invictus. No matter how many things I have remembered since then, I still can recite the whole speech. Long story short, there were some kids that were reciting this at the inauguration. One of the girls when it was her turn to do her part, forgot the words. It was a long silence before I shouted out the next words to help her out. I believe in good karma so it was the least I could do. 🙂

After the inauguration, we got some good lemonade and cake so it overall made for a good day.

So onto the rest of the week.


Yes that is a true statement. But before I get into that I have to tell a funny story.

So we were supposed to go live at 5:30. It was going to happen…but a few things got into the way.

  1. We could not find a camera…it seemed that all the cameras were being used or about to be used. So that slowed us down.
  2. Then we couldn’t find a car. All the cars were in use or being used. Fortunately for us there was a truck that we could use that is owned by the station. Mind you it is literally pouring outside (per usual) as we are trying to load up. I dressed nice this day because I knew I wanted to try to get a picture with Andre. That did not end up working out because I got soaked before I could even get into the car. Once in the car we had it into reverse to back up and trying to put it into drive…something happened. It got stuck in reverse. Honestly..we had it in drive and it was trying to reverse. So we put it in park….still reversed. Neutral….reversed. Like what in the world is going on. We threw the e-brake on and got our stuff out to go find a new car. Soaked again.
  3. Got a new car. Proceeding to get soaked completely again. Hoped in the new car…the key broke off in the ignition. SO everything that could have gone wrong to try and make it for the live shot went wrong.

It was funny for us because we were soaked and it was just terrible. We did end up getting a new car to make it but not in time for the live shot. So we just did a quick story on it.

While Jeff went off to go get some video for the whole story to air, I was nosy and started talking to Andre Reed. It’s not often you get to be in the presence of an NFL Hall of Famer so of course I was not going to pass this opportunity up to chat.

Andre Reed was actually very, very nice and laid back. He gave me career and life advice, which was probably the coolest moment I have lived to this day. I would share this with you, but it’s for my ears only. (and my dad who I called as soon as I got back into the car.)

The following week, was probably the hottest week it has been since I moved here. The heat index was 123 one day and of course I went out with one of the reporters to a splash pad to help cover the story there. I did a shot where I got to walk through the water and cool off, some.

July 4th was the longest day I have worked since I started here as well. (It’s a week of firsts.)

I went into work at Michael Kors, at 8AM then proceeded to go straight to the TV station, per usual. We left early this time to get to the baseball field earlier than normal since the Shuckers were playing a home game on the Fourth of July. I mean what’s more American, right?

We interviewed Jon Perrin who is a pitcher for the shuckers and he actually quoted the Declaration of Independence to us…which was the coolest thing to listen too. Later to find out he was actually a History major in his undergrad. I was able to jump into people’s personal lives and ask them to be interviewed for the news about what it meant to be at a baseball game on the Fourth of July. Trying to tie it into being very patriotic. If you know me at all, you know that I can talk to a brick wall… so it is very easy for me to approach someone to ask them to be on TV.

Instead of leaving once we filmed the highlights like I usually do, I stayed for the baseball game to continue taking notes because when we went the next day I was going to do a standup covering the Fourth’s game. I also, was waiting for the reporter Taylor to get there so we could do  live shot at 9:00 for the firework show.

I am very glad I went out with Kendra when I did a while back because she taught me how to use the live equipment. After Taylor had finished our live shot we had to get the videos and stuff sent remotely back to the studio so they could air it for the 10PM news. Of course, when you’re pressed for time….everything that can go wrong, does. So this situation proved no different. We had issues with internet connection and logging onto our laptop to get all the footage made. Then, Taylor wasn’t familiar with how to send the footage remotely. So this is where Kendra was a lifesaver. She has showed me that stuff so two clicks on the live machine and it was sent and ready to go. Just in time for the deadline.

It was a very fun day…however, we did not get back to the station until 11:15ish so it was a very long night especially to be up early again the next day for work.

Thursday that week I was actually put into the Emergency Room (I am okay) momententarily to figure out what was going on in my abdomen. Nothing serious and I am fine, but it was scary being in the ER by myself because none of my friends or family was here.

Saturday was also, a very fun day. I was able to go to Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi to help Jeff cover a story on LeGarrette Blount (former Steeler…who got cut….and two time super bowl champion with the Patriots now playing for the Eagles) who was putting on a ProCamp. It was cool getting to meet him and able to talk about why he’s doing what he’s doing…and also go to the Air Force base for the first time.

This week has been a whirlwind of fun. We went to a police chase, covered a really sad story about a young woman who got sexually assaulted on a Facebook live video that went viral.
Today (Thursday 07/13) the Shuckers are back in town finally and I am excited to be able to go back to the thing I know best but it’s fun to branch out and get some look into other forms of the news.

As always, stay tuned for more of my crazy life and I hope y’all have a great weekend.


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