Chapter 7: I am done!

As promised, my final internship entry and here it goes.

This week has been a week full of different emotions that I cannot describe accurately. It is kind of a cross between sad, excited and nervous.

I’m finishing my internship just the way it started: at the baseball field. I have been to just about every home Shuckers game since I have been in Biloxi. Putting together more pictures and working on teaching myself how to use my camera in different places.

Monday, I was able to come in early and finally do my anchor read for the sports block to put into my reel. It did not take 45 minutes like the previous time, but it was still very nerve wracking. Being on the desk is cool but scary. I guess it comes with time getting used to seeing yourself in the monitor and trying to remember everything you learned in public speaking and broadcasting classes.

Tuesday I was able to go to Long Beach High School with Jeff to get a preview of the Long Beach Bearcats football program. Finally get a look into football life and local sports is what I was looking forward to all summer, so it was awesome. However, I was not aware that I was going here … so naturally I was not prepared. I showed up in a black dress to stand outside for about an hour. I think three of the coaches came up to me asking me if they always make the interns wear black as part of a hazing process. Yes I felt very dumb, but it’s okay. Also, Jeff decided he hated me and put me on the WXXV Play of the Day…I got a copy of it, so here’s that link. Very embarrassing to say the least.

Some exciting news for my day on Wednesday. I was able to do a FaceTime interview with Michael Kors about a PR and Branding position. I love this brand and would change my career path in an instant if I was able to get a job in their corporate office doing something like this. I’ll be sure to let you all know how that pans out later, as soon as I know. 

I am sad that Thursday was my last baseball game I’ll attend for the remainder of the season, but that just makes me even more excited about football that is right around the corner. (Go Steelers!!!) At the Shuckers game, our good buddy Glen the Usher gave me some cupcakes for my “going away present” and I almost started crying because that was the sweetest thing ever. Also, a few of the players and Shuckers staff wished me luck on my future endeavors….whatever those may be.

Friday is coming to a close and I am saying goodbye to all of my friends at the TV station in a bitter-sweet way. I have learned a lot and am proud of myself for taking the initiative to move 12 hours and four states away to Mississippi to complete this internship.

Shoutout to all the WXXV News 25 team for giving me the summer of a lifetime and a taste of the real world.

Until next time!

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