Now that I have been by myself for about a week in this new place, I guess it’s time to really think about what is ahead. But before that let me flashback to these past two weeks and the journey to this point.

If this is the first post you’re reading of mine…welcome. I kind of am all over the place. With emotions and life in general. But moving to Italy has been a whirlwind of crazy thus far. So I expect it to be nothing less as we continue.

I couldn’t believe the day was actually here where I was getting to move to another country and start a new journey. If y’all would have told me 5 years ago or even a year ago that this would be my next step, I would have never agreed with you. I have always been one to do something out of the ordinary but halting my life in the US to move to Italy…lol that was never on my radar. It hasn’t come without its trials though. My path was almost halted recently due to a very unfortunate car accident that I was in. But we made it work, and I have my awesome dad and supporters (Mom, Donn, Retta, Robin Kiser, and every other person who gave me a stern talking too). I also didn’t make it on my first attempt to Milan due to the crazy flight traffic out of Charlotte, North Carolina to Miami, Florida, but that comes with the territory of flying via my step-mom who is the bomb and lets me use her passes to fly cost free.

The first few days went by very quickly because I was with my mom and Donn exploring and doing some fun trips. We went to Lake Como, St. Moritz, and Florence on quick day trips. I am very grateful that I was able to spend some time with them here and they took the time to help me move into this new world. However, I am sure Susan was happy she wasn’t sleeping in between me and Donn after the last night. They also are not too thrilled that I got them sick. 


We haven’t lived this close since we were 17 years old. Who would have thought it would be in Europe.

But the fun did not end yet once they left, I got on a train and went back to Florence for a night to see my very best friend, Caroline Kiser ( sorry I refuse to put your new last name on things for a while it’s weird ) and her husband (who live in Germany now) plus some folks from the wedding. We had fun walking around the city, eating gelato, and playing some pretty ruthless games of Monopoly Deal at the AirBNB. The morning we were leaving we even found an American style diner and met some more American travelers who ended up coming to Milan. So I made 2 friends already, however, they didn’t live here…so working on the part where I make friends with people who actually live here…and who speak english. We did have fun though, sitting at a rooftop bar at the duomo in Milan for a couple hours just hanging and talking life. Tabby experienced french fry / hotdog pizza (I don’t recommend it), and then found our way to an Irish pub.

Now moving into more difficult part of being by yourself in a new place. When I moved to Pittsburgh, where I also knew no one, the same thing happened. You go through a couple of phases. Since I have done it before I am not worried, because I know where the end is. Getting there though takes a lot out of you. Here is the outline of the phases:

Phase 1) The Excitement – here is when you’re still on the adrenaline rush of moving to a new place and you are just eager to go and explore.

Phase 2) The Semi-Adjusting – here is the part where you’re getting used to the area and still excited about what’s to come.

Phase 3) The Lonely – here is when you get hit with all the “oh shit did I do something wrong” or “did I make the right decision” doubts.

Phase 4) Warming Up – this is when you start to get into a routine and start making friends and things come more naturally.

Phase 5) Adjusted – your final stop when you’re comfortable and things come naturally.

As long as I can find good food, I think i’ll be okay.

I currently have hit phase 3.

I have been able to bond and do some fun things with my new roommates, to help get acclimated to the area some more, it is all just a process. I love getting text’s from Caroline who checks on me to make sure I am okay throughout the day. Usually my status hasn’t changed much except maybe watching Netflix from a different room in my apartment or eating a bowl of pasta. I also love all the messages of encouragement via all social media platforms. Side note : if you did not see my Facebook message about me having a new number.. and have been texting me, I am sorry. I will for sure let you have my new one! Just let me know if you need it.

Amy Dirig even though I am not your daughter, you’ve been a big supporter ever since I told you about this crazy idea back in June (come visit and bring my girl Grace too)

School starts on January 20, we have orientation on the 16th (the day after my birthday woohoo happy bday), so this next week is going to be full of prepping for the next step of my adjusting and my next phase. I whole heartedly believe I made the right move by doing this. I just have to stay positive and keep my head above water.

I’ll close with this Bible verse that I found comforting :

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 NIV


  1. I’m so proud of you Becca for being courageous and willing to take on a new adventure!!!! You’re gonna have the time of your life. I,m jelly. I’m coming over. Patricia Harrison


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