From the Deepest Sea to Haute Couture

A fusion between the human body and ecological aspects of the ocean depths, Iris van Herpen takes a new transforming look of surfacing from the deep sea.

Each piece fitting differently to flow together through the ocean. Replicating how organisms move throughout their natural lives, with various lengths and styles to seem like you are one with them on their journey. Fluttering and flowing through the motions Van Herpen reminds you of the whimsical underwater world and takes your senses along with it. Many long gowns spilling onto the floor with trains and few short styles to give a fun look into Van Herpen’s style.


Bringing transforming life to materials, Van Herpen who is the leading pioneer in 3D printing as a garment structure technique, uses many different materials to imitate movements and gestures in her line. Playing her part as an environmental activist, Van Herpen uses recycled materials and various silks to convey the looks and colors through this couture line.

Starting with black and gold, moving her way to pearl-like colors, Van Herpen seeming describes the way of finding the light in the darkness. Using a mixture of cool colors of deep blue, lilac, green, and burgundy emulate the waters and moving through to surface to find the white, light pinks, sky blue, and jade green.

Using her pieces as more of the statement, Van Herpen uses simple assessors to not take away from the elaborate gowns. Dramatic makeup and slicked back hair start it off, moving to 3D printing and transparent glass organza pieces are added to select looks to give extra emphasis. While simple black and white platform shoes finish off the look on the ground.

In this line she says she collaborated with Spanish neuroanatomist, Ramon y Cajal and other architects to uncover aspects that had not yet been discovered. Though he has passed, she used his studies and teachings to help dissect the creative aspects of his world to add into her realm of Haute Couture. 

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