Life after lockdown

Friends. Finally.

As summer winds down in Italy and things are returning to a more recognizable normal I thought it would be a good time to pop back in and give an update.

If you are reading this from Facebook or Instagram, you know that I have been traveling and doing as much as I can during my off months from school. I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel around to a lot of cities through Italy and even leave to go Germany for a few days (wish It was to see my friends Caroline or my mom but it was still fun). I will be doing a full travel blog in a bit on those because it was a full month of adventure and craziness. I also think I will be broke for the rest of my life.

Sneak peak on the view from my favorite spot on my “Around the Boot” trip. Glad I stayed here for this place. 

I still get asked pretty much on a weekly if not daily basis if I regret staying in Italy during the lockdown/big chunk of the pandemic. My answer is still no. If anything, I am more glad now that we got through the thick of it that I stayed than ever. I did my part, followed the rules, stayed inside for 85ish days, and finally got rewarded to travel around and be with friends while still being safe, and following the rules.

Milan has returned to a more normal look. Which is exciting and scary at the same time. After spending so long as pretty much the only person in Milan (an exaggeration obviously) it is weird to have so many people back. I moved here in the winter, so I am not used to seeing SO many people out..and then COVID obviously no one was out. Now its great weather and the schools are resuming and there is just people everywhere. I don’t even get my normal table at the office (Starbucks lol) anymore.

Luckily, Italy has the mask mandate so it helps reduce the stress a tad, but still practicing as much social distancing and safe gatherings as I can.

Louann Blas, the quarantine angel.

Special shoutout to my fav quarantine and COVID pal, Louann. She was only supposed to be here for a semester and then COVID happened, but she stayed anyways. We became friends on April 1st in the building because someone put a fake turtle on top of the tram stop… and we went to rescue it. Ever since we had MANY wine nights, jammed to Bad Bunny, danced some salsa through the streets and watched the JLO & Shakira halftime show more than we probably should have. She helped make isolation a little more bearable. She left this week to go back to Puerto Rico… so I’ll miss having my crazy latina next door all the time and me just being able to walk in and bug her when I am bored. Thankful for our many COVID memories.

For now, I am preparing to start back at university to do what they are calling ‘Field Projects’. Which they describe as:

“Courses based on the creation of two projects, each lasting five full-time weeks, and it is coordinated by a multidisciplinary team of teachers. Each module consists in the preparation of a project on a real case study provided by leading companies directly involved by the Faculty. The objective is to obtain projects that integrate brand strategy, product strategy, retail strategy and communication strategy, innovation and that is consistent with the reality of the company, simulating work processes as close as possible to the reality of professional contexts. Companies will have the early opportunity to select potential students for the internships that will take place in the final phase of the master.”

Knowing I was going to be coming to this and eventually having to get an internship or job made summer a little stressful at times, but it seemed to last a long time. I would often call my dad during my many panic attacks questioning if I was going to make it, still? Questioning if I was actually get a job when I graduate? Did I make the right choice? I ask myself this question very often, just because I always second guess myself when I am feeling like I am failing. Even when I’m not actually failing. I always want to be prepared for what’s next, so not knowing my next move scares me sometimes. My dad is really good at talking me off the ledge. However, I keep telling him I will push him off the ledge if he continues to sends me links to jobs at 2/3am. Six hour time difference, dad!!

It is not until I sit back and look at the big picture of what I have done that puts me into check for the future. I have been very blessed this year even with the COVID situation. So I have high hopes and a lot of faith for what’s to come. With that said, if anyone has any contacts they want to share, please let me know!!! Want to start exploring all my options so I am prepared.

Honorable mention is Mallory Hagan who has also had to put up with me for bugging her once or twice a week with questions about jobs, interviews, voting etc. Which brings me to my final point of this post. I hope you are registered to vote and if not please, please register!!! I am all set to vote from abroad and I am so excited. Doesn’t matter who you are voting for, it is important to exercise your right to GO VOTE!!

Until next time (which will probably be this weekend because I need to tell y’all about my trips)!


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