2021 / 25!

We all know 2020 was a whirlwind of a year. No one saw it coming and we wanted it to end way back in March of last year. 

I’ve seen a lot of  “let’s be positive about 2021 and never speak about 2020 again..” I hate to be that person but 2020 gave me a lot. Took a lot. And taught me a lot. I will probably talk about it forever. 

While I complained a lot about my situation. Begged & pleaded for people to listen to me and the advice I could give from someone who was in complete lockdown. I appreciated the learning experience it gave me. 

For the longest time I have been a go-go-go person. My mom used to always say I was born with wheels on. Going here and going there since I was a kid. Which I agree. I get bored quickly and love change. I’ll re-state, I literally applied to grad school as a joke and got in so I decided to go. 

Being halted and shoved inside unable to leave as unfortunate as it was, it was great for me. Learning to be alone. Learning to stop and listen, calm down and reset. 

I used to always be bored if I wasn’t doing something or had something planned/to look forward too. Which can still be true. But now I’m appreciative of having me-time. Saying no to plans because I know I need to reset my mind. 

COVID lockdown 1.0 was tough but it’s humbled me, taught me to appreciate the little things and really gave me new perspectives. So thank you Italy, Lockdown, and all my friend and roommates moving out. 

Lisboa, Portugal

Also 2020 brought me around the amazing country of Italy, that terrifies me and fascinates me at the same time. Before the lockdown I had in my head how much of Europe I wanted to see and see in other countries. Completely neglecting the country I was to live in for at least a year. But with the travel restrictions, we couldn’t leave. So we made the amazing Around The Boot trip and I saw places I never even dreamed of seeing. 

Then ventured to new cities in Germany, to then close out the year in Portugal. So despite all the bad in the year, there was good. I still lived a fairytale. 

The beginning of 2021 snatching me back to reality though, looking for a job, internship, anything to either help me stay in Europe or support me full time somewhere else. But hopeful that this will be a year to take what I did learn and love from 2020 to it. 

Welcome 2021 and welcome to 25. Happy to be here; happy, healthy and amazingly thrilled to see what you have to offer. 

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