Chapter3: Reporting and live shots…am I a zombie yet?

Well this week has been quite chaotic and lots of fun to say the least.

To start it off, I had Monday off so I really had like a 4 day weekend so it was kinda cool. Adulting right??

Thanks to James Machado for making us learn this thing backwards and forwards….without you I would be no where.

On my first day into work for the week on June 6th, there was not a lot going on in the sports world. I actually got to the station early and got to kind of teach myself the ENPS system that all stations use for their rundowns on the script and shows on TV. I met a new reporter today since everyone was in the station for the elections in the towns down here. While browsing over what should go into the sports rundown, Taylor, the new reporter I met, came over to my supervisor to ask for help with the camera she was working with. In the end, she had to get a new camera to take out to cover the elections that night. It just so happened the camera she needed to take was also the one I have learned how to use quite well over the last few years at I offered to help her with it and go out to cover the story in Moss Point with her.

At least we get cool rain coats to tackle to monsoons outside…right?

Again, no one warned me that it rains SO MUCH down here… what????

Anyways, Taylor and I set off on the journey to Moss Point (an hour away basically) to get this story rolling…in the monsoon where you cannot see two feet in front of you. When we showed up we had to wait for what felt like another hour for the people to come back and start counting the votes for the new mayor and more. Once we realized the numbers were not going to be released there we booked it to the new location that was going to have the numbers to report. More waiting. (another note that i was not really aware of..lots of waiting). Finally getting the numbers, announcing them in time for the 9:00 live show back in Gulfport. Then booking it over to the new Mayor of Moss Point, Mario King, house party. Here we got to do the first interview for the new mayor, which was pretty cool.

Wednesday….another day of not many close by sports going on. So I was able to sit with my supervisor and he showed me more on making graphics and how he sets his shows up. Also another waiting game for a friend to send us his footage for the Biloxi Shuckers who were playing the Mississippi Braves a couple hours away.

Thursday came around and today I offered to go out with Taylor Rubach again and help with her very first live shot. It was also the worst day for me to wear BLACK PANTS!!! I mean come on…I am used to the rain and cooler weather for the last 12 days basically and of course the day I was like “yeah let me wear pants to the station” ITS 800 DEGREES AND SUNNY!!

Yes…the cotton candy in her hand. She was eating it live and it was GREAT

Sorry, off topic..again.

So Taylor conquered her first live shot while eating cotton candy on live TV and if you don’t believe me you can watch it here. Then of course we sped off to get another story covered before the night ended. But not before we had some fair lemonade and ate more cotton candy.

The reporter life is quite the exciting and fun one, so I have found a new love for comfy shoes and portable phone chargers.

Work…or play…one will never know.

This weekend I am in Gulf Shores, Alabama and enjoying some beach time and hopefully get a little color before heading to first day of work at Michael Kors this week and MISS NORTH CAROLINA NEXT WEEK!!!

Thats right I am making the 12 hour drive to Raleigh on Saturday June 17 and hopefully it goes by quickly with only me in the car, and not my mom who has to stop every hour to pee….stay tuned for that one though. Can’t wait to be back in the pageant world for a week and see my bestie Miss NC, Kenzie.

Hope everyones summer is going well thus far!

Bexx 🙂

Chapter 2: Who said to move here?

Well the answer is me.

I chose to move to the Gulf Coast right as soon as hurricane season was starting and when it rains every. single. day. Me being the person that I am always wanting to do something does not like this everyday forecast because its a really big debby downer.

Back onto a grind of things, I went to my second day of work and it did not start like I had hoped. I made a schedule to come in during the week at 3:00 pm every day and leave after the final news cast was done…well I was quickly enlightened on how the news world works when my supervisor told me as I was pulling in to the station that he wasn’t going to be there right away. I started to panic and had a 30 minute phone call with my mom who talked me off the ledge of coming home right away.

Its a pretty nice facility. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when its not cloudy.

Fast forward to later, when I was again calmed by getting into the station and loading up the car to go to the baseball game in Biloxi. It was a doubleheader this time so we got to stay longer and shoot some more highlight reals. My supervisor, Jeff, pulled out a camera I had NO idea how to work and I panicked (of course). After two semesters with James Machado and learning how to use an NX5 like the back of my hand…its hard adjusting to something different. But thats life.

This camera was not easy to use…but i have finally learned something new.

We also had the marketing team send a script saying they needed a promo shot at the game for a commercial that was going to air on TV for a few weeks and I was like “oh heck yeah let do it” whereas Jeff was not as thrilled. We did it anyways. Battling this rain, wind coming off the gulf, and noise from the game was quite fun but I am currently editing the final cut and will let y’all know how it goes later.

7:30 back in the studio and now we have to edit the footage from the games and get ready for the hour show at 9:00 on Fox and the 30 minute show on NBC.

I am off tomorrow (thats why I am publishing this now) and will give another update (hopefully) the middle or end of next week.


Chapter 1: Welcome to Ocean Springs

Hello everyone and welcome to my page! I have had this website since my broadcasting professor made us make it a few years ago…but I never really have never kept up with it. Thats about to change ( I hope ). On this blog, I’ll be documenting just about everything I am doing with my internship for myself and others to see what kind of work I am doing. If I start to slack, don’t be afraid to call me out on it…just know that I am balancing a full time job, internship and online classes as well as trying to have a semi-fun summer. I am so excited for this journey and fun summer that has already changed my mood and spirits after only being here 6 days.

Nine hours in a car with my mom was quite the experience.

So if you don’t know, I packed all of my clothes and 80 pairs of shoes last week and got in a car to move to Mississippi for the summer. I accepted a sports internship at WXXV25 in Gulfport, Mississippi back in April and decided out of 3 offers that this one would be the best fit for my career and personality. This place is like home in many ways, so I had no issues at all dropping everything in NC to come to the deep south.

My mother and I took off on Tuesday May 23 and got here on May 24 and as soon as I got back I immediately knew I made the right decision. Catching up with old friends, family, and realizing that I remembered a lot more from my younger age here that I thought was pretty cool. Southern hospitality is a real thing y’all and its the best in Mississippi.

I made friends instantly and now I can’t figure out why I haven’t done this sooner.

After being in town for basically 3 days I had already done more than I thought I would do all summer and thats without even starting my internship yet. I was invited to a birthday party for a girl I did not know, made 3 new friends, had an awesome night out where I met another group of people and was invited to a wedding shower/crawfish boil and had an awesome weekend with my new family here.

I was invited to a wedding shower for a couple I had only met the night before.

May 30 my internship started and I was SCARED. I came down a month ago and was put to ease about a few things, but then the first day came and I was panicking. Mostly because I do not have set hours and had no idea what time I was supposed to go into the studio to work. However, all my nerves were put to ease again when I got there and met my supervisor and he said “we’re going to a baseball game”. That was like music to my ears. So we packed up the car, camera and media badges and went into Biloxi for the Shuckers game. We did get rained on a little bit, but standing in the dugout filming highlight pieces and being at a baseball game for the first time in a month was awesome. We only stayed for a few inning before having to leave to go back to the studio to edit it all and get the 9:00 news stories ready. Once back in the studio editing on a software that I am very familiar with was a breeze. 

Reporting at the Shuckers game

My next day will be on Thursday June 1 and I’ll get a better feel for everything going on with more of a schedule, but so far, I love this place and I may be speaking to soon, but I don’t want to go back to NC…

Thanks for coming on this journey with me!



What is a break for an in-season college athlete

For many, the most exciting part about working hard in a college career is getting to the long and well deserved break from tests and homework to kick back and relax. In the school year we have Labor day off, fall break, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, MLK day, spring break and Easter break all before the school year concludes and we go home for summer. In total that is roughly 40 days off for a student throughout the year.

But what if you are a student athlete who is in season when there is a long break for the rest of the students?

Student athletes have a busy schedule as it is and it does not come with as many breaks when they are in season either. You have practice, weights, treatment, film studies, meetings, games, study hall all while managing school to keep a 2.5 GPA minimum. There is no such thing as a day off usually except for the mandatory day off set by the NCAA.

So while everyone is enjoying a Disney World trip for fall break or going to Panama City for spring break. The athletes in season have to stay at school, training or traveling to their destination for their next game.

This could overall take a toll on the athlete when they too want a break from the school life and living to go and relax on a beach somewhere instead of worrying about the 6 a.m.  weights the next morning along with the two-a-days.

The constant athlete life also takes over the mindset of a STUDENT-athlete. When you are putting this much work into this sport you have spent your whole life working at, you sometimes forget that you are a student first and with the busy schedule you have it is easy to forget that.

The NCAA has made efforts to make sure that this is not the case and that student-athletes stay students first. However, studies from Peter Jacobs for the Business Insider has shown that they go well over the rules because of their dedication to the sport.

Not a “Cleat Chaser”: Just Love the Game


Sunsetting on Charlotte, NC baseball field By: Rebecca Ross

With baseball season about to be underway at universities and spring training just around the corner for the MLB as well, its time to break out the ball caps and jerseys for our favorite teams. Because seriously, who doesn’t love going to the ball field and sitting in the sun for a few hours to watch a great sport. This girl sure does.

However, there is a stigma sitting on girl’s heads that do love this activity and that is being called a cleat chaser.

Cleat Chaser; noun, a promiscuous woman who follows athletes on the college level, in the hopes of having relations with one of them. (

It is common to be called this term as a girl if you are not dating or talking to someone on the team or opposing team.

My one question is how did people come up with this term and why can’t someone go watch a sporting event just for fun or for the fact they love the game?

A personal testimony for my own defense…I fell in love with this sport when I was in 8th grade and have not turned back since. My dad and I are very passionate about Pittsburgh sports and the entire city has to offer. I went to my first football training camp this year and that night my dad took me to a Pittsburgh Pirates game, sparking the never-ending love.

As a freshman in high school I became friends with my now best friend and went to every baseball game to support my school and him who turned out to be a pitcher and I had no clue until the season came about.


Kollin Schrenk, Ardrey Kell High School pitcher By: Rebecca Ross

I have been to most every game for my high school, and when he transferred to a different high school I went to those too.

Now college is here and I have no connections to this team at all except the fact that I still have a passion for the game and I want to spend my afternoons sitting in the stands cheering on my team and watching the great American game.

So just because a select few have the motif of a cleat chaser, we should not label all single spectators under this stereotype.

From Dreams to Reality

            IMG_5494Guy Junker is one of the most well known sports anchors in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. I had the pleasure of shadowing him for this assignment over Labor Day weekend back in September and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have had to date. He reports for WTAE News 4, and ABC affiliate in Pittsburgh while also having his own Internet show called The Junker and Crow Show. Me being a huge Pittsburgh fan in every sport they have immediately thought of contacting him and the station to see if I could come for a visit. After five emails to all the sports anchors, Guy Junker was the one to respond with a very excited yes of course you can.

            Upon arrival to the studio Sunday evening, I was able to meet most of the newsroom workers and the producer of the station. Along with some of the crew and other anchors just there preparing their things for the week but were not actually on the Sunday night news. When I got there Guy was already preparing for the 6:00 news. He explained that they have two sports segments on Sunday. The 6:00 news holds a three-minute segment and the 11:00 news holds a 13-minute segment recapping all the sports from the weekend including professional, college and high school level sports.

Guy writes all of his own material so when he speaks it, it sounds more natural and not like he is reading off of a script. He walked me through the editing process and how he puts basically all the graphics and transitions into the program himself. Guy said that “he would rather do it wrong himself than have someone else do it wrong and them be embarrassed.” Picking out the top stories from that weekend was a little difficult because our Pittsburgh baseball team, the Pirates, did not play until the evening and the Steelers were in the pre-season so there was no news coming from their media outlet either. He explained that this was an odd Sunday due to this factor and that they would pull from different sources to create what they thought was viewable.

Going into the 6:00 news, I was able to sit in the actual studio for the whole broadcast. Seeing how it actually runs compared to our mock versions of it in Television Production 1 was great. They had remote control cameras, different stages and green screens and different sets depending on the day and how the producer was feeling that morning. Watching all that goes into making the broadcast happen was very intriguing because it is not as chaotic as I thought it would be. However, these people have been at it for plenty of years.

After the news was done I was able to go back into the sports room and review the pros and cons from the producer with Guy. I did not know this happened either; so having her come back with feedback was something new to me. From then, we moved on to working on the 11:00 news section, which is a 13-minute long section. Since Guy was running out of things to show me, he asked if I wanted to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates game and take notes/highlights on the important plays or things happening in the game that I thought would make a good piece for the news later on. So for two hours, I sat in front of a TV watching baseball, which did not bother me at all. It is one of my favorite sports however.

About ten minutes until the start of the 11:00 news, and the game ended just in time for us to put all of the highlights into the news. As I made my way to the control room to watch the news, I was thinking how sad I was that my time was coming to an end. In the control room, it was even cooler because it ran so much smoother than in Television Production. Everything was done by a remote control and without chaos. That is until the sports section came up. They had to change the script and order last minute due to the early ending game for the Pirates. As he was getting to the sports section I realized that he was actually using my material that I wrote for the baseball game. Trying to keep cool, I was in a state of shock, because I did not know that I did it the right way. Definitely something I wish I could of recorded.

I asked Guy some questions at the end just trying to get a better feel for who is and how he got to where he was in his position. Guy studied at Penn State and eventually went to Manchester University where he was able to do an internship with BBC in London. Advise to a person going through college with the intensions I have of becoming a sports broadcaster is to never sell yourself short. If you have an opportunity to go into the field but not doing what you want right away do not fret. Your time will come you just have to take a small detour. I asked him if he could do anything differently what would he do? He responded with a simple nothing. He enjoys doing it the way he does it now and doesn’t care to change and that he chose sports for the simple reason that everyone loves sports and everyone can understand him. Highlighting his job would be getting to travel to stadiums and states he never thought possible when he was younger and reporting on our favorite city, Pittsburgh. Being that he is around athletes all the time, I asked him who his favorite athlete currently that he likes to interview and he said all of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. This is because hockey players are not “pre-Madonna” style people. They give it to you straight and enjoy you talking to them. I closed with the famous question: do you get nervous? With his response, “everyone gets nervous” that was enough to conclude my time at WATE in Pittsburgh.

Overall this is one of my favorite assignments that I have had to do ever. I wish I could spend more time there and eventually be an intern but that does not look like it’s in the cards due to technicality. Which is okay, I will find my place one day. This assignment helped one of my dreams take one step closer to reality.