Chapter3: Reporting and live shots…am I a zombie yet?

Well this week has been quite chaotic and lots of fun to say the least.

To start it off, I had Monday off so I really had like a 4 day weekend so it was kinda cool. Adulting right??

Thanks to James Machado for making us learn this thing backwards and forwards….without you I would be no where.

On my first day into work for the week on June 6th, there was not a lot going on in the sports world. I actually got to the station early and got to kind of teach myself the ENPS system that all stations use for their rundowns on the script and shows on TV. I met a new reporter today since everyone was in the station for the elections in the towns down here. While browsing over what should go into the sports rundown, Taylor, the new reporter I met, came over to my supervisor to ask for help with the camera she was working with. In the end, she had to get a new camera to take out to cover the elections that night. It just so happened the camera she needed to take was also the one I have learned how to use quite well over the last few years at I offered to help her with it and go out to cover the story in Moss Point with her.

At least we get cool rain coats to tackle to monsoons outside…right?

Again, no one warned me that it rains SO MUCH down here… what????

Anyways, Taylor and I set off on the journey to Moss Point (an hour away basically) to get this story rolling…in the monsoon where you cannot see two feet in front of you. When we showed up we had to wait for what felt like another hour for the people to come back and start counting the votes for the new mayor and more. Once we realized the numbers were not going to be released there we booked it to the new location that was going to have the numbers to report. More waiting. (another note that i was not really aware of..lots of waiting). Finally getting the numbers, announcing them in time for the 9:00 live show back in Gulfport. Then booking it over to the new Mayor of Moss Point, Mario King, house party. Here we got to do the first interview for the new mayor, which was pretty cool.

Wednesday….another day of not many close by sports going on. So I was able to sit with my supervisor and he showed me more on making graphics and how he sets his shows up. Also another waiting game for a friend to send us his footage for the Biloxi Shuckers who were playing the Mississippi Braves a couple hours away.

Thursday came around and today I offered to go out with Taylor Rubach again and help with her very first live shot. It was also the worst day for me to wear BLACK PANTS!!! I mean come on…I am used to the rain and cooler weather for the last 12 days basically and of course the day I was like “yeah let me wear pants to the station” ITS 800 DEGREES AND SUNNY!!

Yes…the cotton candy in her hand. She was eating it live and it was GREAT

Sorry, off topic..again.

So Taylor conquered her first live shot while eating cotton candy on live TV and if you don’t believe me you can watch it here. Then of course we sped off to get another story covered before the night ended. But not before we had some fair lemonade and ate more cotton candy.

The reporter life is quite the exciting and fun one, so I have found a new love for comfy shoes and portable phone chargers.

Work…or play…one will never know.

This weekend I am in Gulf Shores, Alabama and enjoying some beach time and hopefully get a little color before heading to first day of work at Michael Kors this week and MISS NORTH CAROLINA NEXT WEEK!!!

Thats right I am making the 12 hour drive to Raleigh on Saturday June 17 and hopefully it goes by quickly with only me in the car, and not my mom who has to stop every hour to pee….stay tuned for that one though. Can’t wait to be back in the pageant world for a week and see my bestie Miss NC, Kenzie.

Hope everyones summer is going well thus far!

Bexx 🙂

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